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New Year, New You

Changing your life is rarely like repairing a broken fence. It’s not a single event. Changing your life requires ongoing effort. Your habits create your life. The little things you do on a consistent basis determine your outcomes.

Any change is uncomfortable. Actually, any significant change is uncomfortable. And that’s the key. Keep the amount of change in your life relatively small. A series of small changes are as effective as a significant change, but the small changes are much easier and comfortable to implement.

The New Year is upon us. This can be the year you create a new you, even if you’ve failed to create meaningful change in the past. If nothing in your life seems to be working, there’s good news. It doesn’t take as much to enhance your life as you might think. Just a few changes in your daily habits can bring about incredible results.

Shelia Benjamin Inusah

One Life Agency

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